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You're 10 years old. You pick up a camera. You shoot and shoot. You fall in love. You put the camera down.

30 years later you pick up a camera. You shoot and shoot. You're still in love. This time you don't put the camera down.

Hi. I'm Shira and this is my story. In 2014, I returned to a lapsed photography hobby putting an end to a multi-decade-long-putting-off-of-a-good-thing thing.

With camera in hand, I love to explore my surroundings looking for beautiful slices of time and light. The Bay Area, my beloved home for the past couple of decades, supplies no shortage of captivating subjects to record. I am drawn to photographing both natural and constructed landscapes as well as documenting social justice movements of our time. 

This site is a compilation of images taken during these explorations in the last several years. Please feel free to drop a line if you are interested in an image or working with me or simply to say hello. 

(In the top photo, that's me as a teenager taking a photo of the late actor, Christopher Reeve. He was visiting my hometown that day campaigning for Senator Patrick Leahy. This picture ran on the front page of the Local section of the Burlington Free Press in 1986. Photo credit: Debbie Dlott.)

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