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You're 10 years old. You pick up a camera. You shoot and shoot. You fall in love. You put the camera down.

30 years later you pick up a camera. You shoot and shoot. You're still in love. This time, you don't put the camera down.

Hi. I'm Shira and this is pretty much my story. In 2014, I returned to a lapsed photography hobby putting an end to a multi-decade-long-putting-off-of-a-good-thing thing. Not sure why there was such a delay, but it's okay. I'm here now.

With camera in hand, I've been exploring my environment in a whole new way. The Bay Area supplies an endless array of beautiful and interesting subjects to shoot. In addition to photographing both natural and constructed landscapes, I am drawn to documenting environmental, economic and social justice activism of our time. 

This site is a compilation of images taken during these explorations. Welcome and I hope you enjoy the visit. Please feel free to drop a line if you have questions about an image, are interested in event shooting or simply just to say hello. 

(In the top photo, that's me at 14 taking a photo of the late actor, Christopher Reeve. He was in town that day stumping for Senator Leahy who was running for re-election. This picture ran on the front page of the Local section of the Burlington Free Press. Photo credit: Debbie Dlott)

© 2021 - Shira Bezalel

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